What is Vinyl

This is how this vinyl stuff works....

I have a machine that will cut out vinyl lettering for me.. Like a Cricut for those of you who scrapbook. So I use different fonts and clip art and I create works of art. Vinyl can be put on almost anything and is removable! You can choose just to purchase the vinyl or I can turn it into a sign for you. So if you have a favorite quote, saying, or just want some fun decorations you have found the right spot!

October 26, 2011

Around my home!

Here are some examples of the vinyl on the walls! these are great if you want to dress a room up and they are removable! although once removed they can not be reused. If you would like to order just the vinyl stickers check out my price list on the above tabs.

Here are a set of Fall blocks I did, these are 2"x6" by 5" for the tall and 4" for the shorter ones. I can make these chunky blocks with anything you would like on them! These are $5.00 a block..

One of my big sellers! a nice oval family name sign for your front porch! These are $25 ea you again can choose any color sign and vinyl to personalize it as you wish.

 Here are a set of smaller wooden blocks, these are 2"x4" by I think the tallest if 8" these are $3.50 a block and are a cute addition to any room. Again, can be personalized to fit your decor. The font can change, color of blocks and vinyl color!

These were in my home in Texas!

These are in my home here in MD!

November 15, 2010

The Stockings Were Hung...

You don't have a place to hang your stockings? let me help you out! I can make this in any color and style!  6 knobs or hooks, personalized 10"x 34" - $50.00

Craft Fair

September 22, 2010

Share where you have lived.

Home is where the ... Takes us!
sign with six pegs and tags $35.00

August 4, 2010

Look what I did!

Display your childs precious art work..

July 31, 2010

Another Name Sign

July 29, 2010

Name Signs..

July 26, 2010

Fun Fall Blocks...

Here is a set of fall blocks that I have been playing around with... I like the way they turned out, I think that next time I will paint the edges brown and use a little more fallish scrapbook paper, and a thicker font so you can read the saying easier.

Set of 4 designer blocks.. $20.00

July 22, 2010

Seasonal Word blocks...

Seasonal word blocks... The set of 3 stackable are $8.00 the set of four are $15.00. You pick the season and I can come up with the idea or better yet you pick the words and pictures you would like!

July 19, 2010

Shelf sitters... cute little phrases to sit on our shelf.. $6.00


Scrapbooked $12.00 a set (2) painted $8.00 a set(2)

Personalize your home..

Add numbers to your front door, your last name, or just welcome...

Family Name blocks:
These are one of my biggest sellers!
They are $3.50 a block
The height ranges from 8"-6" by 4"
You can put any name, holiday, welcome, saying or anything your little heart can think of.

Wonderful baby gift idea!!
Pesonalize baby'/childs sign with a color to match their room
These are 6"x18" and cost $15.00 it has a double sticker

Personalize your family name!
This is a family established sign with a saying through the last name. This sign is 8x32 and costs $35

Family Established sign!
$30.00 (10x 22)

Family Home Evening signs (small)
$35.00 6x18
comes with 6 pegs and 6 tags
$3.50 each additional tag
$2.00 each additional peg

Large Family Home evening sign:
$35 8x24
6 pegs and 6 tags
$3.50 each additional tag
$2.00 each additional peg

Large Family Chore Chart sign:
$35 8x24
6 pegs and 6 tags
$3.50 each additional tag
$2.00 each additional peg





I can make any size clock you wish, as long as I can find hands to go with it. This is my 3ft clock it is $125.00

October 6, 2008

Personalized Gift Ideas!

Pick some adjectives that describe that special someone and make them a sign to show your love!

Do you have a quote from a book or play that you or your family

The ever famous
I am a child of God

July 19, 2008

Personalize your home with thoughts or sayings! These adhere directly to your wall. They are removable!!

Add a saying to any picture to complete the arrangement!